Artmore Hotel’s committment to guest service!

The thing that sets the Artmore apart from so many other hotels is its staff. Where else would you find a Sales Manager with this kind of commitment?

10 am Call from travel agency checking on rooms. I assured them that the ladies would be well taken care of.

(The “ladies” are members of one of hip-hops hottest, new, all-girl groups.)

11 am Called agency to find out when the ladies were arriving so that I could be in the lobby to greet them.

11:01am Oh snap! I forgot to put VIP amenity in room for guest.

11:02am Run to Publix to get fruit and cheese.

11:20 am Get call on cell phone from agency letting me know that the group is 30 minutes away!

11:30 am Tell myself not to panic and head back to hotel with stuff.

11:40 am Call GM and tell him to meet me in the kitchen to make trays.

11:45 am Get call from travel agency on cell phone wanting to book another artist next week.

12:15 pm Deliver all VIP amenities to room in nick of time as girls are arriving into lobby.

12:30 pm Greet tour manager and he is impressed with the hotel. First lady walks in lobby and says, “Wow, this is a great hotel!” I give a grin of success. If she only knew just a few minutes ago I was schlepping pineapple and strawberries.

12:45 pm Tour Manager calls me on my cell phone and asks if I can arrange transportation to the rehearsal studio for the group.

12:50 pm “My pleasure sir. Let me makes some calls.”

1:00 pm “Okay sir what time do the ladies need to be at the rehearsal?

1:05 pm “We need to leave by 1:30 so we can be at the space by 2 pm!”

1:06pm Realize this could be a problem as the transportation company said they needed two hours notice.

1:10 pm Call my contact at the limousine company and basically give him my first born child to get him to come through for me.

1:15 pm To Tour Manager: “Sir your transportation is on the way, it will be here as you requested!” Tour Manager: “Thanks. Also one more thing….the ladies would like to lay out by a pool can you arrange that?” Me: “Sure it would be my pleasure.”

1:30 pm Call two places to try to get pass keys to their pools.

1:40 pm Waiting, waiting, waiting….gotta find a pool!

2:00pm First pool is empty for inspection ugh!

2:30 pm Second does not allow visitors into the pool area…uhg! Back to square one! Think. Think. Where is there a pool?

2:45 pm Remember that my partner in crime is the DOS at a nearby hotel.

3:00 pm DOS is out to lunch but front office manager is a life saver. The ladies have access to the pool when they get back from rehearsal at 4. Memo to myself….buy DOS a gift basket!

3:15 pm Fall into desk chair and reflect on how exciting the day was. Ugh. I have 25 emails to answer and I have to call the travel agent to reserve his new artist for next week.

3:30 pm Send confirmation numbers to the travel agent.

3:35 pm Take a breath.

July Gift Mart

It is July in Atlanta and that means: the yearly Gift Mart! It is like old home week seeing so many familiar faces. Over the years the hotel has really come to look forward to our guests that return each year. The hotel has guests that have stayed with us for over four years and continue to come back. The Studio Bar & Lounge even has a fabulous special cocktail in their honor: The Atlanta Mart-tini! This will be a great time to showcase the new hotel to our gift mart guests both old and new!

Artmore Hotel supports Shepherd Center Atlanta

This past week the executives at the Artmore had the unique opportunity of hosting a family brunch at the Shepherd Center. The Shepherd Center specializes in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and other neurological conditions. The brunch was for families of patients that are currently in rehab at the Center. What a spread we had for everyone! Fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches, hashbrowns, and a sausage and egg casserole proved to be quite the comfort food. It was also nice to get the chance to sit and talk to the family members about what they are going through. Just the other day I was complaining about having to walk to the bus stop when these individuals would pay to be able to walk. Life always has a way to letting you put things in perspective. It is my hope that the Artmore will be able to participate in more events of this nature as they are truly rewarding.

Artmore Celebrates Nella Grays 18 years of service!

Today, the Artmore Hotel team gathered in the Studio Bar and Lounge to celebrate the retirement of our most senior housekeeper, Nella Gray! Nella has been a part of the team for 18 years! It was a heartwarming event as Ms. Nella said her goodbyes to fellow team members, some of which have worked with her for 15 or more years. When asked what her plans are for her retirement, she said that she wants to spend time with her grandchildren and relax. Nella was presented with an invitation to return to the Artmore Hotel as a guest, so she can sit back and enjoy the luxuries that she has provided our guests for so many years. We wish you all the best Nella!


Have you met the Artmore?

It is always great to make a new friend! Come meet the new Artmore Hotel on West Peachtree and 16th. Relax in our new urban sanctuary courtyard with a signature cocktail from Studio Bar & Lounge. Even though it is raining today we can have just as much fun inside at the bar! While you are here ask to see one of our newly renovated rooms and get information on our amazing summer deals!

Artmore Hotel Grand Opening a Hit!

Artmore Hotel Preview Party!

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