Hotels near SEC championship

Calling on all Mizzou & Bama fans:

Book your room now at the Artmore Hotel for the SEC championship game. Enjoy lush accommodations and personalized service from our staff. Cross the street and hop onto Marta at the Arts Center station which will give you direct access to the GA Dome.

Join us at our relaxing courtyard which features a fire pit, for a pre and post game cocktail.

Rates starting at $189, includes free wifi and 2 drink coupons.

This offer is only available by phone! Call now to take advantage 404.876.6100.

Guest Instagram Photo: “Happy teasday”

by our guest: getfitterr April 08, 2014 at 09:10PM

Living Social Deal

Head over to Living Social’s website to see an exciting deal from your favorite hotel right here in the heart of midtown!

Meet Yassin Rherrass Valet

The Artmore Hotel prides itself with a staff that is committed to excellence. With our new “Meet Me” series, we want to shed a spotlight on the people who make sure our guest have top notch service.

Meet Yassin Rherras. A native from the Kingdom of Morrocco, Yassin moved to Atlanta 4 years ago to be with his wife. He has been a valet here at the Artmore for over 3 1/2 years.

532273_10203336698643347_847398884_nOne of the many things that Yassin enjoys at the Artmore is meeting all of the famous people. So far he recalls meeting Fantasia, and the Insane Clown Posse. He also likes to learn about all of the interesting cultures that come to stay at the Artmore.

One of the best memories that Yassin has here at the Artmore is when he saved a young girl from a drug overdose. He was the first on the scene and was able to get her the attention that she needed. The next day the lady came up to him and gave him the biggest hug he ever received.

When Yassin is not wowing people with his excellent personality, or conversing in either Arabic, French, or German, he can usually be found in a Jaimacan Club “jamming to Bob Marley” or enjoying some Blues. Most of his time away from the Artmore, he is either fishing, swimming, jet skiing, or most likely, spending time with his 3 year old son.

Like our rooms, everyone that works at the Artmore is unique and the best that Atlanta has to offer. Call us at (404) 876-6100 to book your room today.

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Photo from Atlanta Symphony: #AtlantaSymphony with Gina. #horsd’oeuvres #schubert #paganini

This was a photo by @akpark just across the street at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. Looks like a fabulous evening of food and violin. Come enjoy the arts at the Artmore Hotel in Midtown Atlanta!

by akpark

Stay & Play/Hot Toddy Party- Thursday, November 14th 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Artmore Hotel Haunted? Apparently According to Google!

We regularly keep tab on our presence online and something that has tickled my fancy a bit is the discovery that when you start typing Artmore Hotel Google offers up the suggestion of “Artmore Hotel Haunted”. If you don’t know what an autocomplete is, take a look below to understand what I am talking about.

Artmore Hotel Haunted

Although we have (unfortunately) never heard about guests talking about the hotel being haunted before, apparently Tong Ye, a young woman, was visiting from China had a dream that she interpreted as the hotel being haunted. For more information about this check out her story. You’ll need to translate the page using Google Translate.

I especially loved Tong Ye’s “Haunted” Artmore photo that she shared on her blog:


Have you experienced anything at The Artmore Hotel? Share your stories with us! I will post them all here! I am staying at the hotel next week and I’ll be sure to stay in room 202!

The hotel was at one point an apartment building before being converted into a hotel and has been around since the early 1900’s. If anyone would like to dig up the history on the building I would also be happy to share it here. Want to get in touch or send me a story? Message us on the Artmore Facebook page!

**Update 6/17/2013:

Still nothing from any other guests but I did come across this old announcement of the Artmore being built in Atlanta that I thought was pretty great.

News about the Granada Suites Apartment Complex completion.


**Update 12/6/2013:

After posting in May still nothing from any guests. So I suppose it is not haunted. My stay was uneventful as well… :-(

2013 Atlanta Chef’s Expo | Chefs Atlanta

Who is ready to try many types of cuisine from chefs all over Atlanta?? That’s right, The 2013 Atlanta Chef Expo will be the event you will not want to miss. This Expo will be featuring more than 40 chefs with the desire to sculpt cuisines from all over the world in a creative way. This Expo isn’t just a way to market their business through their delicious creations, but show the world how unique and creative their restaurant is. Not only will this event be a fun night of food and drinks, but an entertaining night by seeing the creative side of Atlanta’s top Chefs. This expo will feature a competition between chefs in categories like “Most Creative Chef” and “Fan Favorite.”

This fantastic event, on Sunday February 24, 2013, will be a night you do not want to miss. Why not start the event early by staying the whole weekend here at The Artmore Hotel and get a real taste of Atlanta. The centrally located Artmore Hotel is a short distance to the High Museum, fox theatre, and a fifteen minute walk to a fabulous shopping adventure at Atlantic Station. The Armore Hotel’s location will not only cater your needs for night life, but we are also across the street from the Arts Center MARTA station. This ideal location will provide you with the mobility and accessibility you need to make an unforgettable weekend.


Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting | High Museum of Art

“I never paint dreams, I painted my own reality, I paint whatever passes through my mind without any other consideration.” This quote by Frida Kahlo not only explains her paintings but the passion of her culture in the 1900’s. For the first and only time in 2013, “Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting,” will be exhibiting key paintings by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. These rare paintings tell the story of an artist during a troubling time of the Mexican Revolution and an inspiring time of the Mexican Renaissance. Frida and Diego’s art shows true passion for their country and cultural traditions of the lower class. Frida’s culture focused paintings gives insight to her personal beliefs and the passion of keeping the Mexican culture during the Mexican Revolution.

This exhibition will feature February 14, 2013 – May 12, 2013 only at the High Museum of Art and this will be the only exhibition in the United States. The exhibition features many paintings drawn from Mexico’s Dolores Olmedo collection as well as Jazques and Natasha Gelman collection of Mexican Art. If you are looking to be surrounded by culture in one of Mexico’s renowned painters in the 20th century, this exhibition would not be one to miss.

Why not make it a weekend getaway? The Artmore Hotel’s “Art in Motion” package features two tickets to the High Museum of Arts, an executive king or deluxe studio suite, breakfast for two in our beautiful café, and free parking. The Artmore Hotel’s location is perfect for the weekend away. We are only two blocks away from the High Museum of Arts, ten minute walk to Atlantic Station, and right across the street from the Arts Center MARTA station. This ideal location gives you the mobility you need to stay on the go in an upbeat city like Atlanta. This adventurous getaway will not only stimulate your desire for culture and history, but further your appreciation of a society fighting for their way of life. A stay at the Artmore Hotel combined with an afternoon at the High Museum is a cultural winning combination.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo