Lounging in the Artmore courtyard

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Atlanta skyline in the clouds

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#atlanta inspired

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Downtown Atlanta Silhouette

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Pop quiz, where is this photo taken?

This photo was snapped by @agirlsbesttrend at the Artmore Hotel just behind the front desk in between one of the many variations of colors presented.  This is called a modular art wall and was custom designed for the Artmore Hotel.

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Cheers! #studiolounge

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Fantastic evening enjoying #summer night

Another great event at the Artmore’s cocktail garden.  This time hosting the High Museum of Art!

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We love this photo by @certhebear

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Yes PLEASE!! These shoes are AMAZING!!!!!

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Atlanta Ballet – “Pain is not beauty, pain is pain.”

Your pain is art! Thanks for the amazing you do for the city, this photo is a rare look behind the scenes into what you put into your performances. This popped into our instagram feed, not sure why but I thought the photo was too amazing to not share! 
Beauty is not pain, pain is pain. #theresjustholesinmyfeet #theworst #day4 by our guest: devonthedevil http://ift.tt/1xoaqcp July 03, 2014 at 06:16PM