Happy 4th of July! We are closed today, but in honor of Independence Day we are offering a special discount this weekend! Use promo code: USA for $4 off admission! (Pictured: “Window”,1912 by Frank Lloyd Wright) by highmuseumofart

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Happy 4th of July! #Merica

Wishing you and yours a fantastic fourth of July no matter where you are sleeping tonight!  I hope your day is full of BBQ, Coca Cola, fireworks and baseball hats!!

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How about some Drinks by the fire! #atlanta #midtownatl

Our most photographed feature of the Artmore… still doesn’t get old.  Here is a great version that shows off the water and fire perfectly despite it being such a dark photo.  Nice job @brittanyjean23!

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#tbt to yesterday when we installed a #MiCasaYourCasa house in the #HMAShop! by highmuseumofart

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Good morning #Atlanta! We are in amazing city! #midtownatl

This handsome photo by jmarinara (http://ift.tt/1qoyklU July 02, 2014 at 10:34PM) gives our Atlanta skyline a Northeast look.  Send us your best Atlanta photo and tag it #artmore so we can see and possibly reshare!

Our Director, Michael Shapiro, visited the @Delta Museum today! Disclaimer: No planes were flown in the process of this photograph. ✈️ by highmuseumofart

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Curator of Photography, Brett Abbott, guiding a staff tour for #WynnBullock. #stafftours by highmuseumofart

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Midtown Atlanta Architecture.

Our guest snapped this around town, any guesses which building this is from?

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“Half-Tide, Annisquam River” (1905) by Cecilia Beaux. A departure from her usual subject matter, the painting depicts a lovely view from Beaux’s summer home in Massachusetts. This is a rare example as one of less than a dozen such landscapes she produced in her nearly 45 year career. #summer #oiloncanvas by highmuseumofart

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“Race Riot”(1964) by Andy Warhol. Based on a photograph by Charles Moore that captures Birmingham, Alabama, during the race riots of 1963, which was published in “Life” magazine, this silkscreen print represents one of his most powerful responses to the cultural life of postwar America. #warhol #silkscreenprint by highmuseumofart

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