Artmore Hotel Haunted? Apparently According to Google!

We regularly keep tab on our presence online and something that has tickled my fancy a bit is the discovery that when you start typing Artmore Hotel Google offers up the suggestion of “Artmore Hotel Haunted”.  If you don’t know what an autocomplete is, take a look below to understand what I am talking about.

Artmore Hotel Haunted

Although we have (unfortunately) never heard about guests talking about the hotel being haunted before, apparently Tong Ye, a young woman, was visiting from China had a dream that she interpreted as the hotel being haunted.  For more information about this check out her story.  You’ll need to translate the page using Google Translate.

I especially loved Tong Ye’s “Haunted” Artmore photo that she shared on her blog:


Have you experienced anything at The Artmore Hotel?  Share your stories with us!  I will post them all here!  I am staying at the hotel next week and I’ll be sure to stay in room 202!

The hotel was at one point an apartment building before being converted into a hotel and has been around since the early 1900’s.  If anyone would like to dig up the history on the building I would also be happy to share it here.  Want to get in touch or send me a story?  Message us on the Artmore Facebook page!

**Update 6/17/2013:

Still nothing from any other guests but I did come across this old announcement of the Artmore being built in Atlanta that I thought was pretty great.

News about the Granada Suites Apartment Complex completion.


**Update 12/6/2013:

After posting in May still nothing from any guests.  So I suppose it is not haunted.  My stay was uneventful as well… :-(