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Here is another shot of our guest room by a guest. We are so excited that the Artmore continues to inspire amazing images and frankly, it inspires us.  Thanks so much for loving the Artmore Hotel as much as you have. There were those who said Atlanta is too corporate, not true. Atlanta is sophisticated, along with its guests. It is evident by the level of food, cultural events and the quality of our art institutions!  Go Atlanta!

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Guest Photo Titled: Yum. Thankful for the nice hospitality last week at Serpas in Atlanta. #serpas #farmtotable #atlanta #artmorehotel

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Stay & Play/Hot Toddy Party- Thursday, November 14th 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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The Artmore Celebrates The Duty of Design



The Artmore would like to congratulate The Duty of Design on the successful launch party thrown in honor of their new website. The Duty of Design is a company formed by SCAD graduate, India Hayes, that seeks to provide quality design work for small, non-profit and charitable organizations. The Artmore was proud to serve as a community sponsor for the event.

The semi-costume party took place in the Atlantic Station gallery space  on Saturday, November 2nd and brought together designers and non-designers alike in the celebration of a wonderfully creative concept, that is sure to help many great causes within the Metro Atlanta area.

For more information on The Duty of Design visit-


Duty of Design Founder India Hayes Thanks the Crowd