If you are going to see our #DreamCarsAtl today heighten your experience, like @terminallymill did, with our audio guide! We also have a Dream Cars App (available at the App Store on iTunes and on Google Play). Photo cred: @terminallymill by highmuseumofart

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@altonbrown thanks for visiting today! Hope you had a great time! by highmuseumofart

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These aspiring Dream Cars are revving up for #ToddlerTakeover this weekend at the #WoodruffArtsCenter! Join them in the #DreamCarsAtl exhibition for a #StrollerTour this Sat. (9:30am) and Sunday (11:30am)! by highmuseumofart

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Curator, Sarah Schleuning taking the High Museum on a staff tour of #DreamCarsAtl! #stafftour by highmuseumofart

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An inspired photo from our loft suite of #midtownatl

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Meet April Argyris Front Desk Receptionist

The Artmore Hotel prides itself with a staff that is committed to excellence. With our new “Meet Me” series, we want to shed a spotlight on the people who make sure our guest have top notch service.


Arpil has been a valued employee here at the Artmore Hotel for a little over a month now. Since then she has become a valued and sunny asset to the business here at the hotel. a native of Monteray, California, she moved here to be closer to her family and to futher her career goals. April enjoys how wonderful this guest location is! She says that there couldn’t be a better midtown location that is right by Atlantic Station, the High Museum of Art, tons of restaurants, and more!

One of her favorite experiences was when she was able to assist a visitor who was not a guest of the hotel. When the visitor came in after the MARTA broke down to use the phone, April proceeded to escort her around the property. As they were waiting on her taxi, she decided to book a room for a couple of nights in July!


When April is not assisting guest, she can usually be found spending time with her 12 year old son. She also enjoys shopping for vintage clothing, finding new ways to eat healthier, and various water sports.


Like our rooms, everyone that works at the Artmore is unique and the best that Atlanta has to offer. Call us at (404) 876-6100 to book your room today.

We have a new addition to our main lobby! “Untitled” (1947) by Alexander Calder. Calder’s major contribution to modern art was the invention of the this form of kinetic sculpture know as the “mobile,” a term coined by the artist Marcel Duchamp. #calder #highmuseum by highmuseumofart

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Congratulations to @pearl_lee_9 for being our pick from the #igersatlanta insta meet-up this past weekend! Thank you to all of the participating instagrammers, everyone took fantastic photographs! #dreamcarsatl by highmuseumofart

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The firebird went for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway #DreamCarsATL by highmuseumofart

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Guest Photo of the Artmore Facade at Dusk

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