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We have changed our extended hours to Friday! We will now be open from 10am to 9pm every Friday. What better way to kick off the weekend than with some art! #highmuseum #extendedhours #tgif by highmuseumofart

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Meet Victoria Boykins Event Sales Manager

The Artmore Hotel prides itself with a staff that is committed to excellence. With our new “Meet Me” series, we want to shed a spotlight on the people who make sure our guest have top notch service.

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A spur of the moment decision caused Victoria Boykins to move from her home in Dustin, Florida to Atlanta.  After working with a law firm as their conference coordinator, She transferred to the Artmore to become our Event Sales Manager.

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A Florida State major in Event Planning, Victoria has no problem pointing out all of the exclusive details that the Artmore Hotel offers.

As we near her two month anniversary this March, she reflected on some of the good times she had in Atlanta. “The first night I went out, I saw a ton of celebrities!” She went on to say she met Jazze Pha, Tyson Bekford, and Peter Thomas from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I enjoyed seeing them and I would love to work with one day.”


When she is not working, Victoria enjoys cooking, reading, writing poems, and admiring vintage artwork. “I enjoy the boutique experience over the corporate decor.” She said while a portrait of Aubrey Hepburn overlooked her desk.

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A Picture Perfect Night with @authorLakiaB (Lakia Brandenburg)


Author Lakia Brandenburg celebrated the release of her book over the weekend here at The Artmore.

Bhg3qeFCIAA6VDKHer party was filled with friends, family, fashion, and…



Learn more about Lakia Brandenburg by going to her website and Congratulations!

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