“… [We] dream of cars that will float and fly, or run on energy from a laser beam, or travel close to the ground without wheels. Such research May border on the fantastic, but so did the idea of a carriage going about the country without a horse.” -The Ford Book of Styling, 1963. #DreamCarsAtl opens today! Pictured: 1941 Chrysler “Thunderbolt” by highmuseumofart

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Pretty hotel courtyard with the world’s best fire pit/fountain hybrid.

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#dreamcarsatl officially opens tomorrow! Oh and did you know we provide FREE parking on Wednesday in the Woodruff Arts garage? by highmuseumofart

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“Staying at the adorable #artmorehotel in #atlanta this week. Just lovely.”

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3D printed rings? Yes please! #museumshop #3dprinted by highmuseumofart

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We have @porsche on our piazza! by highmuseumofart

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Nick Cave’s, “Soundsuits” (2005) act as transformative agents, recycling materials and identity and, when worn, transforming the artist himself. #soundsuit #nickcave #highmuseum by highmuseumofart

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Top 5 Places to Read and Work at the Artmore Hotel


Even though each room at the Artmore excells at giving you comfort, relaxation, and privacy, this hotel offers many areas that our guest can realax, chill, or work in!
10372553_10203632457917144_8971166055896672458_n1) Lobby Great for our guest who also like to be people watchers. Enjoy our TV or catch up on the News with our selection of Newspapers.
10268405_10203632444516809_6170013569174097423_n2) Gallary Cafe Along with our hot breakfast that is prepared daily, the Cafe offers excellent lighting and a beautiful atmosphere when you need to check up on your emails in the morning.
1797349_10203632448916919_5830438646722217873_n3) The Studio Bar Even before the bartender arrives to serve our guest, the bar is the premium place to check your Twitter and Facebook or Skype with a friend.
1619548_10203632463397281_7878161171610327619_n4) The Cocktail Garden Our new tented area lets you experience the light and the joys of the outside while staying comfortable on the inside! This area is available rain, snow, or on a hot GA day!

10250250_10203632468197401_7198002084379594283_n5) The Courtyard The most exclusive area in midtown is moments aways for our guest. Let the subtle sounds of our fountain relax you as your enjoy your favorite book in on of our lounge chairs.

These are just a few of the places that the Artmore offers to our guest. Make your reservation today to find all the hidden gems at this chic Atlanta Hotel!

And thank you to Carrlotta Burrow for being the featured model for this post! Find out more about her here.