The Artmore Celebrates The Duty of Design



The Artmore would like to congratulate The Duty of Design on the successful launch party thrown in honor of their new website. The Duty of Design is a company formed by SCAD graduate, India Hayes, that seeks to provide quality design work for small, non-profit and charitable organizations. The Artmore was proud to serve as a community sponsor for the event.

The semi-costume party took place in the Atlantic Station gallery space  on Saturday, November 2nd and brought together designers and non-designers alike in the celebration of a wonderfully creative concept, that is sure to help many great causes within the Metro Atlanta area.

For more information on The Duty of Design visit-


Duty of Design Founder India Hayes Thanks the Crowd


The #Artmore Makes a Playdate with #JoystickGamebar


On a windy, Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta’s ever-evolving Old Fourth Ward, The Artmore was invited to have a chat with longtime friends, Johnny Martinez and Brandon Ley, co-owners of the retro hotspot, Joystick Gamebar. Walking past an array of classic arcade machines, including Centipede, Galaga, and the immortal Ms. Pacman, we headed towards a cozy couch in the back room and sat in front of a wooden table, piled high with board games ranging from Monopoly to “My Little Pony” Memory. The excitement of being able to relive childhood pastimes did not overpower the ultra-chill environment that surrounded us. Brandon described the motivation behind the bar’s laid back atmosphere.


“We wanted this to be a place where people could come to relax and feel like they were in a friend’s basement” he explained.


Game lovers lounging out

Joystick started off as a simple idea that came to fruition when Brandon and Johnny decided to open an arcade after visiting similar concepts in various states. Johnny also insists that the bar was, in part, an attempt by Brandon to improve his dating life, which he jokingly admits has not yet happened.


Located inside of a historic, brick building that miraculously survived the Great Atlanta Fire of 1917, Joystick is home to classic arcade games from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, a full bar, complete with eclectic spirits, and tantalizing burgers served up by Illegal Food (don’t be fooled by the name, the food is perfectly legal. Check them out on Facebook.)


Johnny & Brandon (center) mingle with guests at a Halloween bash

While providing an entertaining experience for their guests is the duo’s primary objective, Brandon and Johnny also make sure to use the unifying power of video games to give back to the environment and community. Joystick is a LEED Certified green space and has participated in fundraisers for Susan G. Koman, Big Bethel Saturday School, and Living Walls, making them not only a hip spot to grab a brew and drop a few quarters, but a unifying staple in the Old Fourth Ward business community.


“The games are universal, there isn’t just one demographic that plays video games. We are one of the most integrated bars on one of the most integrated streets in Atlanta, and that’s what makes this rewarding.”


“Joystick is one of the most integrated bars in Atlanta.”~Johnny

Guests staying in The Artmore can visit Joystick via MARTA by catching the southbound train at Arts Center Station to Five Points Station and then riding the eastbound train to King Memorial Station. Joystick is approximately a 10-15 minute walk from King Memorial.


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The #Artmore Celebrates Paul Rand: Defining Design at #MODA

The Man Himself

The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) unveiled its newest gallery exhibit, Paul Rand: Defining Design, in an exclusive member preview on Saturday, October 26th.

The exhibit, which opened to the public on Sunday, October 27th, explores the life and work of renowned graphic designer Paul Rand (1914-1996), who created the logos for UPS, IBM, and ABC, among many others. MODA patrons were given a comprehensive look at the design philosophy that helped to shape some of the most recognizable corporate identities of the 20th century.

“There hasn’t been another exhibit that features this much of his original work” Exhibitions Manager, Katie Simms, shares.

Long time MODA volunteer and painter, Jeffrey Adler, added, “People are going to have to come twice to take in all of this content.”

Curated by Daniel Lewandowski, creator of the official Paul Rand website, “Defining Design” will surely provide a wealth of new information to museum-goers, while simultaneously creating a since of familiarity by allowing them to view the work that has become so ingrained within the global design culture.

MODA Executive Director, Laura Flusche, Ph.D. says, “Paul Rand helped to visually shape the 20th century because the corporate identities that he designed became a part of our daily lives.”

Guests staying at The Artmore are within walking distance of MODA and can enjoy this exhibit from October 27th-January 26th.

For ticket information and museum hours, please visit-

Kysha & Brandon from Joystick Gamebar serve up signature cocktails


In need of a holiday gift for the design lover in your life?

The #Artmore Experiences #Halloween at #TheGoatFarm


While donning extravagant costumes and assuming the form of ghastly creatures  is typical during the Halloween season, most people would not necessarily characterize this behavior as  “performance art” when enacted by the common man. But the concept of melding the whimsy of the year’s spookiest holiday with giant astronaut puppets, smoke cannons and lively sound art compositions, proved to be a rewarding endeavor for The Goat Farms Art Center.

Scout Mob and The Goat Farm Arts Center presented Halloween 2013 to a crowd of very enthusiastic art lovers and The Artmore was thrilled to be in attendance. Instillations and performances allowed guests to partake in this interactive affair and experience one of the South’s most eclectic and inspirational Halloween celebrations.

For more information on The Goat Farms Art Center visit-  dscn0098dscn0096dscn0083dscn0084

Guest Vine Video: “At the Artmore Hotel. Best bar in the south!”

By: Banjo on Vine – Taken October 22nd 2013

The Artmore Gets Spooky in Little Five Points

Performers from the Imperial Opa Circus Make Their Way to the Festival

Performers from the Imperial Opa Circus Head to the Parade


Halloween may officially fall on October 31st, but the celebration started early today in Little Five Points, one of Atlanta’s most wonderfully eclectic neighborhoods. The annual Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade took off without a hitch, despite some ominous looking rain clouds that passed over just hours earlier.

The celebration of creativity, creepiness and an abundance of free candy, reached it’s 13th anniversary this year and drew festival goers from all over the country. With festivities drawing to a close at 11pm (the official ones anyway) there is still time to experience one of Atlanta’s most ghoulish gatherings. Travel from The Artmore to Little Five Points is accessible by MARTA, and a fun outing if you’re looking for an ultra-hip area to shop or dine while staying in Atlanta, anytime.

Take the train southbound from Arts Center Station to Five Points Station.

Transfer to the eastbound train and exit at the Inman Park/Reynoldstown station.

Little Five Points is a 10 minute walk away.



Java Lord’s Parade Float Entry Was Quite Monstrous

Full Moon Friday – Tonight in the Cocktail Garden – October 18th

Artmore Full Moon Friday

It’s that time again, time for another full moon. The one that falls directly after the Harvest Moon(which was Sept. 19) is called the Hunter’s Moon, and it happens this Friday night, Oct. 18. The best time to view it is 7:38 p.m. Eastern — though of course it shines brightly all night long.

Plus, there’s a lunar eclipse happening, too. It’s subtle, however, not a total eclipse but what’s called a penumbral eclipse, when the Earth’s outer shadow partially covers the lunar being. “You might see a little darkening. It happens very gradually. It’s not like a snap of the fingers,” Jim O’Leary, senior scientist at the Maryland Science Center, told That event begins around 5:50 p.m. eastern, peaks around at 7:50 p.m. and ends around 9:50 p.m., he added.

The total package should make for some pleasant sky gazing of this cool moon.

Its name — one of several catchy monikers including the Blood Moon and the Sanguine Moon — reputedly comes from those who used the light to their advantage, according to Science@NASA. “Hunters … tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead,” writes NASA’s Tony Phillips. “You can picture them: Silent figures padding through the forest, the moon overhead, pale as a corpse, its cold light betraying the creatures of the wood.”

Chinese lore also describes this moon as the Kindly Moon, reports the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, and the Lakota Sioux called it the Moon When Quilling and Beading Were Done.

The Hunter’s Moon isn’t just any full moon. Like with other moons this time of year, its path — called an ecliptic — is shallow. That means for several nights in a row, the moon sits farther north on the horizon, according to EarthSky. “It’s this northward movement of the moon along the eastern horizon at moonrise,” EarthSky writes, “that gives the Hunter’s Moon its magic.”

(MORE: Photos of Airplanes Silhouetted by the Sun and Moon

Typically this time of year, the moon rises about 50 minutes later each day. Say it appeared in the night sky at 7:00 p.m. today, tomorrow it would show up around 7:50 p.m. For several days around the Hunter’s Moon, however, it only rises 30 to 35 minutes later. (In that same example, it would emerge at 7:00 p.m. tonight, 7:30 p.m. the next.)

Why does this matter? Well, if you lived at a time when you needed the moonlight to harvest and hunt by, it clearly did. “The light of moon allowed farmers to harvest their crops later into the night,” O’Leary said of the September Harvest Moon. By the Hunter’s Moon in October, “it’s time to go hunting for Thanksgiving and the fall. The prey is easier to find. Rather than the moon being up in the sky an hour or two after sunset, it’s up in the sky sooner…. There’s less of a period of darkness.”

So go out and enjoy. But be warned: “While you’re staring at the sky, you might hear footsteps among the trees, the twang of a bow, a desperate scurry to shelter,” NASA’s Phillips writes. “That’s just your imagination.”

The Artmore Made a Dash for NASH Magazine

It was a very cool atmosphere inside

It was a very cool atmosphere insideJaida Dreyer

The Artmore was honored to be in attendance for the official  launch party of Nash, the new country music & lifestyle magazine presented by Cumulus Media. The event took place at Terminal West in Midtown and featured performances from some of country music’s best including Kelli Pickler, Laura Bundy Bell and Jaida Dreyer. Check out some photos of the event and stay tuned for more exciting Artmore coverage of Atlanta’s hottest events!

Some very nice cowgirls showed us into the party

Some very nice cowgirls showed us into the party

Grab your copy today!

Grab your copy today!


Peachtree Road Race

You’re running in the annual AJC Peachtree Road Race.

marathon runnersYou’ve been training hard for this all year.  Until now you were thinking of driving in from the suburbs, park and sign in; just in time for the race.

Why not make it easier on yourself?  Reserve a room for July 3 at the Artmore Hotel in midtown and save some of that energy for the race.  Discounted rates available

June Events 2013

Unplugged supportJune Calendar of Events

Something for the Kiddie’s since schools out: The Center for the Puppetry Arts performance of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs (now ‘til June 3rd). Make Sunday date night and enjoy Paul Warner’s LIVE performance Unplugged in the Park at Park Tavern on June 2nd (this is an Artmore Hotel sponsored event). Atlanta’s beloved Braves battle it out against the Pittsburgh Pirates from June 3rd-5th at Turner Field. Lynn Whitfield & Nephew Tommy takeover the Fox Theatre with the family friend musical entitled Rebirth from May 31st-June1st. On June 6th Tracy Morgan’s gonna make you laugh ‘til you cry with his comedic performance of “Excuse My French” at the Tabernacle. From 10-2pm on the 8th The Atlanta Botanical Garden’s exhibit “Endangered Species” is free with Garden Admission. June 16th Happy Father’s Day at Georgia World Congress Center let’s see if REAL MEN COOK! On the 22nd V103’s celebrates the 10 year anniversary for Car and Bike Show at the Georgia World Congress Center. From June 23rd-September 29th, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” exhibit is happening at the High Museum of Art. We’ll wrap up the month of June Fashionably late on the 30th at Colony Square in Midtown at 11:00 as we watch the fashion of local designers hit the runway for The Fashion Event.