Xaviera Simmons at the High Museum

2008 Driskell Prize winner Xaviera Simmons combines twenty-first-century media and traditional art forms, encompassing photography, performance, video, and installation. Her “Utah Series” follows the artist as she treks through this western state’s rugged and wild terrain, recalling images of western expansion of the United States in early photography and American landscape painting of the nineteenth century. Against the backdrop of the sublime frontier, Simmons reminds us of our shared legacy while questioning the accepted narrative of the United States’ westward expansion and the role of African Americans in the narrative. “18A Untitled,” 2010. #chromogenicprint #driskellprize #highmuseum by highmuseumofart

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Guest Instagram Photo: “Happy teasday”

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High Design in Midtown Atlanta

This is a photo of our front desk illuminated at night in blue.  The wall is frequented by checking in guests for selfies and epic group photos.. including some memorable ones from Dragon Con!  Do you have any photos from the front desk at the Artmore Hotel?

Photo by our guest: @whitash_245 http://ift.tt/1pghBTA April 18, 2014 at 09:51AM

“Half Length Figure of a Woman (the Martyr)” by Auguste Rodin, conceived 1910, cast 1966. #bronze #highmuseum by highmuseumofart

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Smooth jazz with a waterfall fire pit…

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Jazz in the Courtyard of the Artmore Hotel

Instagram guest and user whoiskelli snapped this video in the Courtyard Friday night.  What to know what it feels like to stay at the hotel?  This is a great starting place.  When you stay in Atlanta, stay at the Artmore!

So long piazza trees! We are making we for new things this summer. Disclaimer: no trees are being harmed in this move to their new home. #highmuseum #museummonday by highmuseumofart

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Lisa and Lexi @Korbel Kings & Queen Glass tasting event

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Another Successful Event – Brides Bites and Bubbly #artmorehotel

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Come and start you weekend off with the us! We are open tonight until 9pm and it is half off admission. #seeyousoon #fridaynightlates by highmuseumofart

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