A view from the Artmore – Speechless

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If you have been to Table 1280 (right across the piazza from us) we have commissioned art on display in the dining areas! “Arnolfini 360×30″(2005) by Alyson Shotz #table1280 #highmuseum by highmuseumofart

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Meet Justin Guyston Valet

The Artmore Hotel prides itself with a staff that is committed to excellence. With our new “Meet Me” series, we want to shed a spotlight on the people who make sure our guest have top notch service. 10437736_10203790174899970_8799471886849557957_nJustin Guyston is fairly new to the Artmore, having just rounded out his second month. A native of Chicago, Justin came to Atlanta to get closer to his father and attend Morehouse college to pursue a degree in kinesiology.  Here at the Hotel, Justin enjoys interacting with all of the different guest and networking. One of his favorite moments here was when he got to meet one of his childhood heroes DJ Jazzy Jeff. Growing up around music and being raised in a family of DJ’s he considered it an honor to be invited to backstage with Jazzy Jeff after one of his concerts.photo1 (1) Moving to Atlanta has afforded Justin with may new and exciting opportunities. He loves the diverse atmosphere here and the fact that this city is still a growing market. Just knows that Atlanta is a great place to be (and he also loves the affordable housing!)   When Justin isn’t at the Artmore, he can usually be found Dj-ing, playing either basketball or football, or thrifting for clothes and shoes. 10361412_10203790175099975_5440811853463930_n Like our rooms, everyone that works at the Artmore is unique and the best that Atlanta has to offer. Call us at (404) 876-6100 to book your room today.

Our photography department is getting ready for their next show, Wynn Bullock: Revelations. #installation #wynnbullock #photography by highmuseumofart

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Drinks in the courtyard of our hotel in Atlanta #thehitchcock #artmorehotel

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@justcallmehal captured a great moment in our galleries. Thanks for sharing! #highmuseumvisits by highmuseumofart

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Say hello to our great #summerinterns! by highmuseumofart

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Happy Birthday to Ellsworth Kelly today! You can see this piece along with others in our permanent collection. “Green Curve” (1999). #oiloncanvas #highmuseum by highmuseumofart

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If you are going to see our #DreamCarsAtl today heighten your experience, like @terminallymill did, with our audio guide! We also have a Dream Cars App (available at the App Store on iTunes and on Google Play). Photo cred: @terminallymill by highmuseumofart

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